Car parts
Car Parts
Are you looking for a new car part or used car part? Here you can find a small introduction on each car part. Remember, these parts will make your performance car a dream one!
Car Parts
This article gives a brief idea on various car parts. Here is a small introduction on each car part.
  • Air Filter: It is an important device among the car parts which removes harmful contaminants. They are often solid particulates such as pollen, dust, bacteria, and mold from air. Air filters are used in application where air quality is important, notably in building ventilation systems and in engines, such as gas compressors, internal combustion engines, diving air compressors, gas turbines and other car parts.
  • Automobile self-starter: It is an electric device that initiates piston motion in a car's internal combustion engine before it can power itself. A car is almost useless unless this car part is installed.
  • Bell housing: It is a part of the transmission system on a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle. It is bolted to the engine block. It contains the flywheel and the torque converter (clutch) of the transmission. The car part starter motor is usually mounted here engaging with a ring gear on the car part flywheel. On the opposite end to the engine is usually bolted the car part known as gearbox.
  • Brake: It is a car part which is useful for slowing or stopping the motion of a car. Air brakes are a revolution in car parts manufacturing arena.
  • Bucket seat: It is one of the car parts. It is a seat contoured to hold one person. It is different from another car part called ‘bench seat’ which is flat platforms designed to seat multiple people.
  • Bumper: It is a car part designed to allow one vehicle to impact with another and to withstand that collision without severe damage to the vehicle's frame.
  • Buzzer: A buzzer or beeper is a signaling car part, usually electronic, typically used in automobiles.
  • Car battery: It is a type of rechargeable battery that supplies electric energy to a car.
  • Catalytic converter: It is a car part used to reduce the toxicity of emissions from an internal combustion engine.
  • Clutch: It is a car part for transmitting rotation, which can be engaged and disengaged.
  • Dashboard: It is a car part located under the windshield of an automobile. It contains instrumentation and controls pertaining to operation of the vehicle.
  • Engine control unit: It is car part which controls various aspects of an internal combustion engine's operation.
  • Fuel injection: Fuel injection is a means of metering fuel into an internal combustion engine. For more details you can log on
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