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Car Parts
Are you looking for a new car part or used car part? Here you can find a small introduction on each car part. Remember, these parts will make your performance car a dream one!
Car Audio
Installing a car radio
  • A few applications for having interest on car audio are:
  • 1. Test bench for Parts
  • 2. Great for Movies
  • 3. MP3 Stereo
  • 4. Cheap Home Stereo
  • 5. Vast selection of parts.
How to connect car audio?
  • First things first, rip out the old deck (if there is one) donít take note of the wires because if you are reading this you donít know what they are anyway for your car audio system.
  • You can do it in two ways, cut up the old stock loom, or run new wires if you want a bigger power wire or anything. I'll tell you how to run new wires for your car audio system.
  • Look at the loom for your new deck, if it has inline fuses on the wires already (if you donít know what that is they will be like black little boxes on the wire) you're job just got a bit easier. If it doesnít, here is your shopping list for car audio.
  • Red wire with a fuse for Acc (the guy at the car audio shop will know what you're on about).
  • Yellow wire with a fuse for constant power (again, the car audio guy will know what you're talking about).
  • Black wire without a fuse.
    Speaker wire for your car audio.
    Measure how much you need and add a meter in case you stuff up.
    Solder/soldering iron/heat shrink/crimps OR just crimps OR electrical tape (bad idea).
  • Ok, grab your yellow wire and feed it through a grommet in the firewall, choose a safe path for it to get down to your POSITIVE battery terminal of car audio. Solder a crimp with a loop on the end so that you can put it through a bolt in your battery terminal...and put it through the bolt in your battery terminal of car audio. TAPE OFF THE BARE END OF THE YELLOW WIRE THATíS INSIDE THE CABIN (make sure the fuse is fairly close to the battery of car audio).
  • Take off your steering column and ignition barrel surround by undoing the few screws from underneath. Go re-connect your negative battery terminal of car audio and grab your circuit tester, put the ignition to Acc. and start poking metal connectors until the tester lights up, may take you a few terminals to find one, make sure it turns off when you put the ignition to "off". In other words, find a terminal that only works when the ignition is turned to Acc. Solder the end of your red wire into the wire coming off the terminal and use heat shrink or tape to insulate the joints in the car audio system.
  • Find a metal body in the car, if you can find a bolt or screw that goes to the body of the car that is good. Solder or crimp another one of those loop crimps onto the end of it and screw it down to the body of the car for safe and better performance of car audio system.
  • Now join the wires, yellow goes to yellow on the deck, black goes to black, red to red etc...
  • Your car audio system manufacturer will tell you which speaker goes where.
  • Pioneer:
    White: left front speaker of car audio.
    Grey: right front speaker of car audio.
    Purple: right rear speaker of car audio.
    Green: left rear speaker of car audio.
  • If you plan on running an amp, run a blue wire from the remote wire on your deck to wherever you are putting the amp, same goes for a pair of RCA's (one pair of RCA's per amp, but some amps can daisy-chain so it depends on your car audio amp). There are other wires for automatic aerials and phone kits but who cares about them.
  • Now sit your deck in there and drop the battery back into the car audio circuit donít tighten it up yet, check if anything starts smoking, if it does, pull the negative lead off again and go see what you stuffed up. If nothing starts burning, tighten it up. Go see if your deck turned on, if it doesnít, again go figure out what you did wrong (car audio circuit tester is your friend).If it does turn on mount it properly put everything back together put the beauty board over the front of your amp. The beautiful car audio system is ready for you. Enjoy the car audio..!
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