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Car Insurance - Top factors to minimize your auto insurance premiums
This is very important to know about the factors which influence the premium for your car insurance policy. Now, we are going to discuss the key points that are within your control.

Location - The cost of car insurance varies place to place where you live. The probability of your car being stolen or damaged is a key concern for the insurer. The urban areas tend to more expensive rather than rural locations due to the car damaging probability.
Bulk policies - You may enjoy ‘bulk buy’ discount for car insurance, if you are insuring a number of vehicles with the same insurer, or trying to take out other policies from car insurer.

Vehicle Profile for car insurance - If a person is looking to buy a new car make sure he fully consider the cost of car insurance – he may be able to buy the car but can he afford to run it? Your car insurance premiums are directly proportional to the cost of vehicle you buy.

Annual Mileage for car insurance premiums - A car owner can control his car insurance premiums by restricting his annual mileage of car. He must be careful on this issue; if he crosses the restricted number of miles he will then become uninsured!

Excess on each claim - By agreeing to pay a greater excess on each claim car insurance buyer can reduce his car insurance premiums. This is because he is reducing the liability of the insurer and therefore in return they are able to offer him a lower premium.

Car Parking - Where you park your car is also important to the insurers. If it is kept in a locked garage, you should be offered a lower car insurance premium than if you leave it unattended in the street.

Security Issue - Security devices that prevent or hinder theft may also reduce your car insurance premium. Common examples include alarms and immobilizers.

Driving Skills for car insurance - By taking an advanced driving course you may also be able to reduce your car insurance premiums. The Institute for Advanced Motorists and the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents each offer membership which provides you with discounts for both the cost of driving courses and your car insurance premiums.

There are two points to remember which are not under control of car insurance policy holder.

1. Your Age: car insurance companies charge lower premiums for more mature drivers.
2. Your Sex: Statistics says that women benefit from lower car insurance premiums.

The last advice, but not least

A large percentage of car insurance is now sold on the Internet. That's because it's convenient and cheap. Many insurers now give a further 10%-15% discount if you buy online car insurance.
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